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Log Rolling Instructor Training DVD

June 9, 2017, Author: Katie Burke

The Log Rolling Instructor Training DVD is the product of more than 40 combined years of teaching log rolling by Instructor Trainers, Susan T. Bulk & Katherine R. Burke (Formerly Rick).  In creating the Instructor Training Video, common teaching concepts used to train Lifeguards and Swim Instructors were applied.  The goal of the video is to enable any person with knowledge of teaching motor skills to start and maintain a program that will greatly enhance the aquatics programs at his/her facility.

The DVD presents the skills from each of the 5 levels in the KRICK Instructor Training Manual, brief history of the sport of log rolling, log maintenance, shoes, and part Three Rivers Roleo as broadcast on Fox Sports. Exclusive Rights to KRICK, LLC. 

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    Log Rolling Instructor Training DVD

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